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Yoga is a journey within yourself

Hari om Ashram is a simple and authentic yoga center located just outside the Holy village of Pushkar, in Rajasthan, India.
Yogi Jaggu, a great yoga practitioner, is here to welcome and guide you in your spiritual journey.

Yoga is a complete way of  life where you can find peace and happiness within yourself.
In our ashram we will guide you and help you to grow closer to your own awareness and to find yourself. 

Our teaching is “integral yoga”,  yoga of body, mind and spirit . You will learn yoga asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. As well as ayurveda principals, mantras and yoga philosophy..


Meditation will help you to live more harmoniously and become self aware. Learn how to calm down your mind and find deeper concentration.

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We will show you how to practise all forms of Yoga in a daily routine. Through asanas and pranayama, body anatomy and yoga philosophie you will learn how to live a healthier life

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Spiritual retreat

We welcome all who want to practise their own Sadhana or would like personal guidance. If you wish to go deeper in your spiritual journey, Yogi Jaggu is here to help and inspire you.

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Long term stays for true seekers

For those who would like to stay long periods in our ashram. The true seeker is most welcome.
If you are able to leave your familiar routine to make this spiritual journey and would like to know more about the yogic life, please contact us for more information

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Our ashram is not only a yoga center, it is a true spiritual place, where you can take some time away from your daily life.
Come to our ashram with a full open hart, drop your mind and calm your thoughts for a while…allow your inner lamp to light up and shine