Meditation Retreat

Meditation retreat

This course is specially designed for yoga practitioners who want to go deeper in their practice of self yoga.This course will allow you to recognize your own inner being and will give you inner strength.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the way to go inside your inner being in order to discover yourself. With meditation, you are able to calm down your mind, to find more peace inside yourself.This yoga is for brave people, it is your inner journey that you are starting.

To do meditation, you have different techniques. Concentration on breathing, on a mantra, on an object. You can do also transcendental meditation by chanting mantras. You can also practice emptiness meditation, kundalini meditation. Different techniques for different people.
As an enlighted yogi, Jaggu is a fully dedicating mentor to guide you, to empower you. You will be guided to know what is best suitable for you. Jaggu will give personal attention and guidance to each practitioner, in order to break their own limitations

You are going to live the complete Yogi environment and life style during this yoga awareness course.



Meditation course program

  • Wake up 6.30 with herbal tea or Juice
  • 7-8 Cleaning yoga, pranayama (breathing technique) and kundalini meditation.
  • 8-10 Yoga and meditation
  • 10-11  Breakfast
  • Free Time
  • 16-18 Yoga and meditation
  • 18-19 Guided meditation
  • 7-8 Dinner
  • 8-9 Satsang and Chanting Mantra

Each day there will be four meditations and two yoga classes. The focus of our sessions is to open our inner energy, calm down the mind, be aware and experience the stillness. Touching our true nature, this timeless state which is pure consciousness.

meditation mudra

Meditation mudra

Meditations will be the most important part of the course, but also we will learn complementary yogas in order to improve or meditation concentration

  1. Atha Yoga session : in meditation,the body is the obstacle as well as the instrument of awakening. You must take care of it in order to be strong and sit longer. With your body you will awaken your inner Shakti (vital force). The focus on our yoga session will be to awake this Shakti.
  2. Cleaning yoga session : to get good meditation, one needs to cleans his nervous system. Every morning we start our day with cleaning yoga also known as kriya yoga – the technique to clean your inner body system .
  3. Satsangs : sharings and discussions on self inquiries and meditations will helps you to understand more about yourself. It is the most essential part of the course, where you can share your inner being and be able to go beyond from your busy mind.
Meditation retreat

Meditation retreat

Details for meditation courses

Programs are adjustable, please contact us directly for details via our contact box

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