Spiritual retreat

Our ashram is essentially dedicated for true seekers who wish to spend time for their own sadhana and inner journey.
In a quiet environment, among true people, our ashram gives you full space for your spiritual journey.

What is a spiritual retreat

Yoga is the way to connect to your own soul.
The spirit is covered by a physical layer, a prana layer, a mind layer, an intelligence layer.
A spiritual retreat will allow you to distance yourself from your day to day busy life. You will slow your body and mind down, in order to find your inner being.
A retreat is a precious moment in our life to connect to our true nature, to take a break and turn within..

In our spiritual yoga retreat, we will give you the key to find your own self.

Here you will have the space and time to relax, spend time in silence, practice yoga, meditate.

As A yogi, Jagguji is a fully dedicated mentor to guide and empower you. You will be guided to know what is best suited to you
Yogi Jaggu will give personal attention and guidance to each practitioner, in order to break their own limitations

You are going to live the complete Yogi environment and life style during  your stay .

the main aim is to give you silence and freedom for  self attention space   ,it is easy to connect within our  true self when we get the space of  the light .

Tarif for spiritual retreat

Our ashram is not a hotel. We do not rent rooms just for night stays

Hari om ashram is a spiritual place where people come for yoga and spiritual seeking.
Our price is a full package, including accommodation, teaching and presence of yogi Jaggu. Spending time in our ashram, you will benefit directly and indirectly from the presence of the Master. 
Your financial contribution to the ashram allows us to give you the best service. It helps to maintain our ashram in full harmony. Profit is not the purpose, so please do not bargain.
However,if you are a true seeker and wish to stay longer or if you have financial difficulties, we can discuss different arrangements. Please contact us directly for organise.

Our price is per day and includes :

  • nice and clean room
  •  morning tea.
  •  free time access to our yoga hall, meditation room, kitchen and dining room, garden
  • satsang, sharing,
  • bicycle at your disposal

Single room : 1500 rupees per day per person
Double room :1200 rupees per day per person
( Prices may decrease for a long stay )

( approx 1€= 80rp  1$ =75rp )

Possibility to do your own cooking.
food is so importent so if u want to have ashram(organic and ayurvedic) food then , please add an extra 400rp per meal and 250rs for special breakfast with herbal tea. ( home made healthy vegetarian food, not spicy )

we trust in service ,quality of food and healhty enviournment is essential to one who wish to get silence .

Everyone in our ashram will be most welcome and we will give you full attention to serve you well.

For any more information or personal questions, please send us a message on our contact box

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