Spiritual retreat

Spiritual yoga retreat

What is a spiritual retreat

Yoga is the way to connect to your own soul. The spirit is covered by physical layer, prana layer, mind layer, intelligent layer. In our spiritual yoga retreat, we give you the key to find your own self.

Our ashram is the perfect place for those who wish to take time for their own sadhana. Here you will have the space and time to relax, spend time in silence, practice yoga, meditate.

Staying in our ashram, you will be in daily contact with yogi Jaggu who will guide you and share his spiritual knowledge

As an enlighted yogi, Jaggu is a fully dedicating mentor to guide you, to empower you. You will be guided to know what is best suitable for you. Jaggu will give personal attention and guidance to each practitioner, in order to break their own limitations

You are going to live the complete Yogi environment and life style during this yoga awareness course.


Our prices include :

  •  room with breakfast
  •  all day tea or coffee
  •  24H access to our yoga hall, meditation room, kitchen and dining room, garden
  • bicycle at your disposal

Single room : 1600rp per day per person
Double room :1200rp per day per perso
( Prices may decrease for long time staying )

( approx 1€= 80rp  1$ =75rp )

Possibility to do your own cooking.
If you wish prepared meal, extra 400rp per meal ( home made vegetarian food, not spicy )

Yogi Jaggu will be here to guide you in your journey

Everyone in our ashram will be most welcome and we will give you full attention to serve you well.

For any more informations or personal questions, please send us a message on our contact box

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