Discover Yourself at Hari Om Yoga Ashram

In Hari om ashram, you will have the opportunity to experiment a yogic lifestyle, to live a yogi routine,. You will have a genuine immersion that will allow you to stay away from the distractions of the world, you will connect to your inner self .

What is yoga

Yoga is not exercice, yoga is the way to join yourself to the supreme self, the supreme energy. Yoga is the way to discover yourself, to get to know who you are.

Atha yoga is only one part of yoga , but it is the essential vehicle for us to get to touch this great wisdom. You will learn this first step with asanas practises and yogic techniques.

But you will learn much more, you will learn about yourself…

Experiencing a yogi life

Staying in our ashram will allow you to experience the genuine expression of Yoga as it is lived by the Saddhus and monks who live in temples or surroudings. . You will be able to witness and converse with these travelling ascets who have no possession and live only for spirituality.

Sadhu in Pushkar

Many sadhus come to visit Yogi Jaggu

We will have weekly pilgrimages to visit these devout holymen .You will have a chance to speak with them and learn directly from those who’ve attained the higher expressions of Yoga.  You will experience how they live, how yoga is applied in real life. You will touch the potentials of your true Self.

When we meditate with those who’ve attained higher states, it amplifies our own awareness and allows us to taste the fruits of where our Yoga will take us.

Sadhu in Pushkar

Sadhu in Pushkar

You will have the opportunity to participate in ancient Yogic rituals and techniques .

Indian culture lives around spiritual life. In India, everything is made or done to bring our attention to the Divine, from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the honouring of each day of the week.

 The joy of Yoga

The ancient and sacret scriptures state that Health isn’t only absence of disease, but is a state of joyful living, full of life and potentiel. Any discord is a disruption of the flow of prana. All one needs to do is to learn how to balance the flow of prana ( correct breathing ) and to be more silent. Practising yoga naturally leads you to awareness of your inner life force.You are more centered, more in yourself, you fell more secure, your fears go away.

Like the disturbed waters of a muddy glass left alone clears, so will the ripples within you.

As the cloudy water clears, your inner joy is released, and a genuine experience of peace can take  place within you

 Life is yoga, and yoga is life.


Full yogi life at Hari Om ashram