Our fondation

Yogi Jaggu opened the Brahmodaya charitable fondation in 2016.

The purpose of this foundation is to help people in their spiritual path and spread the yoga knowledge .

Jaggu wish to promote yoga and meditation among the indian young generation, especially teaching in schools to all children.

Yoga for children

Yoga for children

Our Sangha

Hari Om ashram exists thanks to the love of Yogi Jaggu, who dedicates his life to spread the yoga knowledge and to guide and help people, whoever comes to him.

The running and maintaining of the ashram is supported by Jaggu ‘s own family and his students. Toguether we make a sangha, a spiritual family, to have a beautiful ashram and to help spread Jaggu’s teaching and knowledge.

Jagguji has several students from France, and they opened one association in Montpellier ( south of France ) to promote the ashram and invite Jagguji in France for yoga courses or teachings.

People who would like to join our sangha and help the ashram are welcome. Our ashram just re-opened few months ago. We need people to help us to promote the wonderful teaching of Jagguji.