Yoga and meditation programs

Our ashram is for small groups, so each person will get the best attention and care during his stay.
Our packages will teach you how to adopt a yogic lifestyle in your day to day life at home .Yogi Jaggu’s teaching will focus on integral yoga, the yoga of body, mind and soul.
You will see how with regularity you will be able to calm down your mind, improve your will power, feel healthier and happier.

The teaching of Yogi Jaggu

  1. Hatha yoga : the body yoga, to develop a strong body and awaken your kundalini (inner vital force). This lineage of teaching is close to Shivananda yoga practise. Pranayama and meditation are part of this yoga.
  2. Jnana Yoga : the yoga of knowledge. You will learn ancient scriptures and yoga philosophy. This is the highest yoga, which refers to self consciousness and awareness.
  3. Bakti yoga : devotion yoga, especially in India. We will learn mantras and chantings.
  4. Karma yoga : the yoga of action. While in the ashram students will have to do some seva, a little work for the ashram.

Yogi Jaggu courses

Our special 10 days yoga program

10 days yoga, revolutionary  experience with unique focus on self in order to be your own master.

The purpose : Wake up your inner strength and well being to live a more joyful life. Improve your life force. Light up your inner lamp.

80 hours of special yoga teaching during this course.

Daily program during the course (this program is not fixed and can change according to needs and time)

  • 7 am to 10 am : morning meditation and yoga
  • 10 am to 11 am : breakfast
  • 11 am to 1 pm: different activities each day, including : satsang, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomie, ayurveda basics, outdoor trekking, mountain meditation, meeting Saddhus and holy people, karma yoga…
  • 1 pm to 4 pm : lunch and free time
  • 4 to 7 pm : afternoon yoga and meditation
  • 7 to 8 pm :self meditation, douna meditation (around sacret fire place), bajans (spiritual chants), mantras practice, satsang
  • after 8 : dinner and free evening

Price :

38 000 roupees per person for the 10 days, all included

Our price includes :

  • Everyday yoga class, theory class, meditation class
  • Satsangs, private guidance
  • Room (2 people in one room)
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner. We provide special vegetarian and ayurvedic food. Food is very important . We are what we eat
  • Drinks : tea, detox juices, mineral water
  • Outdoor activities, forest walks, hikes to ancient yogi places
  • 24h access to ashram facilities (yoga hall, meditation room, kitchen and dining room, garden)
  • Bicycle at your disposal

Not included : flight transport and any other individual expense

Our private yoga programs

You can come to our ashram anytime alone or with your friends for private yoga training.

Everybody is unique and requires special attention and particular teaching.

Yogi Jaggu will design personal training schedules according to your needs, your yoga experience, your time and your particular requirements.

For any  information or personal questions, please contact us via our contact box

Price :
Single room : 4000 rupees per day per person

( approx 1€= 80rp  1$ =75rp ) Double room : 3500 rupees per day per person

This price includes the same services as for the 10 days program

If you wish to stay longer, see our spiritual retreat package or contact us directly

Please watch our video where yogi Jaggu talks about his teaching

Morning yoga

Meditation time

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  1. Björn & Chris

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for your yoga education, for all your stories,
    Thank you for all the moments around the duna mediting, siging mantra.
    Thank for all aventures, discoreries, trekkings and scooty mantra rides.
    Thank you for the amazing aryuvedic rajasthany food and the tulsi tea.
    Thank you for your awesome familly who welcom us like freinds.

    OM na ma shiva

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