Yoga in Pushkar

Pushkar is a the perfect place to do yoga, because it is a holy town. Pushkar is a beautiful, peaceful and friendly town that Indians as well as westerners appreciate equally.


Pushkar, the holy place

Pushkar is a world famous place in India , it is called the the guru of all holy places.

In India, Pushkar is the only place where the creator Brahma is worshiped and has a temple dedicated to him.
Pushkar is also called Brahma Nagari , which means the place of the creator lord Brahma.
In India three gods are very famous  :
-1 The creator called  Lord Brahma 
-2 The sustainer (preserver) Lord Vishnu (krishna) 
-3 The destroyer Lord Shiva
All  over india you find the worship of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, but only in Pushkar people celebrate Brahma
That is the reason why here many pilgrims and sadhakas feel Pushkar has a unique energy.
This little town is full of devoted people —everyday hundreds of pilgrims and tourists visit the holy lake and take darshan from the Lord Brahma. The whole town vibrates with the chantings of mantras and sacred rituals and poojas.
In Pushkar you will find many yogis, rishis and saddhus

Pushkar, the place where many pilgrims come for The holy lake and Brahma temple

In Pushkar there is a special energy

Pushkar is famous for its Aravali mountains, the oldest mountains, older than the Himalayas. Here you will find very old caves, where yogis and rishis spend their time in austerity and meditation.

These mountains are fully charged with energy from these yogis. Meditative people can feel it, Pushkar is therefore a great place for those who wish to undertake a spiritual retreat

Sadhus in Pushkar

Sadhu in Pushkar

Pushkar, a place of beauty that draws many a visitor

Foreigners appreciate Pushkar for its holy lake, it’s peaceful and friendly atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of most of Indian cities.
Here you can walk  around the holy lake at dawn, watch the sunset on the gats, enjoy shopping in a calm environment.
Many foreigners like to stay for extended periods of time here. As you can learn yoga, cooking, dancing, chanting.
Pushkar is also very famous for its camel fair every year in November.
Sunset in Pushkar lake

Sunset in Pushkar lake