Hari Om Yoga Ashram

Hari om yoga ashram was established by yogi Jaggu Soni in 2004, in order to serve all, love all…

It is a small ashram located 2 kms outside of the holy town of Pushkar, in a quiet area surrounded by mountains and agriculture fields.

In our ashram you will experiment the yogic life. Our words are joy, bliss, deep inner love and devotion towards  life. Our ashram is the place where u can experience your own self.

Yoga is a journey within ourself

Hari Om ashram in Pushkar

Hari Om ashram in Pushkar

Our ashram is just renewed and can welcome you from October to March

Services in Hari Om ashram

You will have the opportunity to take short yoga courses to long teacher training programs.

Meditation courses are also available.

And if you wish to take some time out to rest and concentrate on your sadhana, if you need silence time, our ashram can offer you long time staying facilities. Please contact us directly for more informations.

Our ashram is itself a unique place to practice yoga and spiritual life, we welcome all kinds of yoga practitioner. Yoga is one, we are happy to welcome true seekers .

Hari Om ashram

Our yoga hall, sunny early morning for great practise

The  teaching at Hari Om ashram

Proper pose : asanas with yoga anatomy
Proper  breathing : pranayama
Proper relaxation and meditation
Proper food diet
Yoga philosophy and ancient wisdom of ayurvedic life style

You will learn the yoga life and how to remove all obstacles of the life .
Every individual being has the potential to break his own limits and connect with the infinite space and love. To start a good practice, one needs proper guide, suitable environment and peace of mind, in order to express his inner feeling.
We are here to help you, to empower you, to awaken your inner being which is the source of the life

Hari Om Ashram Facilities

Our ashram has been completely renewed in 2017 to give you best service.

6 large rooms with attach bath, outside terrace for each room, in front of our beautiful garden
Yoga Garden – we have a beautiful garden with plenty of trees and flowers. You will be able to relax and enjoy with the nature .
Large yoga hall, full of light . Possibility to welcome more than 50 people.
Meditation room
Beautiful dining room with rajasthany style decoration
Modern kitchen with all western facilities for cooking
Massage room for ayurvedic massage or Reiki healing
Library –we provides u all yoga philosophy books to read in the leisure time.
A authentic dhuna place ( sacred fire place) where we can organise yagia( fire rituals for purification)

We also will provide you wifi and 24 hour transport facilities

Hari Om ashram

Enjoy a beautiful garden at Hari Om ashram

Feel at home in our spacious rooms with attached bathroom and terrace in front of garden