I stayed one week in Hari Om Ashram and my life totally changed! I came back in France with a different way of seeing life. Now I try to practise everyday yoga and meditation. Thank you Jagguji to have opened my heart . I am so grateful to you. You are a great master.

Sandrine, student

The yoga training was amazing. I’ve been practicing for 4 years and only now do I truly feel I have experienced Yoga. Jaggu empowers you, challenges you so we may step outside “our” mental limitations and same time nurtured us within our practice. Also, visiting the Baba’s in the mountains, seeing how they live yoga and how easily they make it look as they laugh. Very humbling to see what and how REAL reununciates, holymen live in devout yoga practice. they’re real!!! and not just stories!!! hahahaha!

C.C., Student
HAHA well, what can I say about Jaggu,he is the fluffiest Yogi I have ever met. Feel very tingly after his sessions and stop smiling at everyone. Sunrise and sunset, bliss!!! Please bring him to London!

S. Anderson, Student
I want first to thank God for what he did to you, Guru Jaggu.!!! I’m very glad to have met you and all your family. You are creating a beautiful place where people can stay and learn many things at once and wake up to the inner spirit that so often for so many different reasons needs help. You are one of the most incredible person that I have ever met in my life,. So my friend, keep on going and giving your light to the people Shiva will be dancing by your side. I hope to bring back with me to Italy the feelings that I had here so that I will be more strong to keep within the yoga practice.. Lots of Love to you, your family and especially your special daughters!

Lonfronco, Student

In this moment I find exactly how limited words are to express what one experiences. Hari Om Ashram is a place of the heart, a place of pure devotion and service. Yoga Master Jaggu is like pure bliss, his smile always genuine and contagious, his sincerity in our spiritual growth humbling, his depth of wisdom and more over his actual LIVING this wisdom is a breath of fresh air. A true devotee of yoga. And the Family, mama and papa!! I have never met such heart open selflessness, ready to serve and nurture. How they live is a teaching within themselves and I can only hope to take some of their spirit well rooted within mine where-ever I go. Thank you so much for such an opportunity to experience those who truly live the path and do so with such ease. Thank You.

Rob Anderson, Student

How do you take a Neanderthal Carnivore and convert them in to a vegan Yogi in under a week? Introduce them to Jaggu. Jaggu’s unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, patience and openness has empowered us to re-consider who we are, where we come from and where we are going. We have been reminded of the inextinguisahable fire which burns inside each of us, how to re-awaken and nurture that fire and how to practice gratitude for this extroardinary life, through our actions every day. Jaggu has shown us the real meaning of Yoga and we are so excited to continue enriching our lives with this knowledge. Thank you for your support, oppeness and wonderful hospitality, we look forward to crossing paths again.

Michael BaBa & Gina Cherie, Students