About yogi Jaggu

Yogi Jaggu Soni

Yogi Jaggu  has dedicated his whole life to yoga and meditation. He has been living a yogic life since childhood.

As an awakened master, his mission is to guide people on their spiritual journey.

Jaggu experienced samadhi when he was a child

Jaggu Soni was born in Pushkar on 1st july 1976 .
When he was 7 years old, an inner voice called him and he naturally  experienced the state of trance or samadhi, without any teaching.
Since that day, meditation became part of his life.

He decided very early on to drop conventional life and so started to focus on his spiritual journey.

  I decided to discover who I was and to become a yogi



Learning yoga and scriptures

He started to serve as a volunteer in many ashrams in India, in order to share his yoga experience. He served in Shivananda ashram, Pantanjali yoga course, Swami Vivekananda yoga ashram

He first learned yoga in the university of Ajmer, Rajasthan.Then he attended the University of Yoga of Swami Vivekananda, learning yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques.
He studied the Vedas and the holy scriptures.

His teaching comes from the lineage of Swami Vivekananda, whom he considers as his first master.

Jagguji is a great yoga teacher of all levels students

Spending time with yogis and saddhus in Himalayas

Yogi jaggu spent many months in the Himalayas with monks, sadhus and yogis.
He did many austerities, spent time alone in silent retreat. The search for truth was his only goal.
Learning alot from these holy people helped him to investigate more deeply his self knowledge

He opened his yoga ashram in 2004

To share his knowledge and experience with people, he opened the Hari om ashram in Pushkar, and for 5 years gave teaching of yoga and meditation to students coming from all over the world.
Many students attended his most valuable 1 month yoga teacher training program .

The need to search more deep in his spiritual journey

After few years of teaching, he decided to go more deeper into his spiritual journey and search.
He left his ashram and for 6 years spent  time far from his family and comfort. He experienced a full yogi life under a giant holy Banian tree.
He experienced the saddhu life and many people came to take his blessing. He helped many people, gave his teaching free to many, inspired Indians and foreigners who visited him.

Yogi Jaggu spent a lot of time with saddhus and saints in Himalayas

The wish to share and guide with yoga  seekers

Since 2017, Yogi Jaggu is back living in his ashram. Once again he is teaching people who want to learn about yoga methods. His happiness is to share his spirituality with true seekers.

Jaggu’s teaching is simple and true. No long discourse or pretentious teaching. His message is a simple message of love, compassion, humility and joy.

His teaching is practical and adapted to day to day life, it can fit anybody. Happiness is the key word.

Yogi Jaggu embodies the spirit of Ananda, or eternal bliss, and radiates this vibrant energy within him.  To be in his presence and meditate with him elevates your ability and you’ll soon find yourself laughing within and exhuming your own sense of inner joy.
It is quite a treat to be with a true yogi who has dedicated his life to living and being the practice. He is fully dedicated to serving others upon the path.

Hari om.

Love all, serve all