Yoga Courses

Our Ashram offers you the possibility to attend 3-days programs to 10- days programs. 

These courses are designed  for  people who want to learn what is yoga, from postures to philosophie. The aim is to inspire you to practise yoga in your day to day life. Yoga will help you to calm down your mind , improve your strength and willpower, feel more healthy and fit.


Yoga class

Yoga course

What yoga do we teach?

Yogi Jaggu teaches all yogas in his courses :

  1. Atha yoga : the body yoga, to develop a strong body and awaken your kundalini ( inner vital force ). The lineage of teaching is close to Shivananda yoga practise.                                                                      Pranayama and meditation are part of this yoga
  2. Jnana Yoga : the yoga of knowledge. You will learn ancient scriptures and yoga philosophie. This is the highest yoga, who refers to self consciousness and awareness.
  3. Bakti yoga : devotion yoga, especially in India. We will learn mantras and chantings
  4. Karma yoga : yoga of action.While in ashram students will have to do some seva, little work for ashram.

Daily program of yoga sessions

Each day will be organised as follow :

– Four hours yoga training – two hours in morning and two hours in  evening .

– One session for meditation which will help you to create harmony and peace of mind.

– One outer trip to Pushkar holy lake and surroundings. Visit to holy places, introduction to indian culture

– One satsang session ( sharing time ) to clear up your mind and discuss about your learning of the day.

The daily programs will be always different and planned according to the duration of the courses

Details of  our yoga courses

Possibility to do group teaching or individual teaching. For dates and prices,please contact us via our contact box  


Yoga course

Yoga course pushkar

Yoga is not only exercices, yoga is a way of life. Introducing a yoga practise in your daily routine will help improve your ability to be happy and confident in yourself and in life.                                                                                  You will learn to love yourself and others.

Chanting mantras

Chanting mantras

Yoga in pushkar

Yoga in pushkar

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