Teacher Yoga Training

Teacher Training Certification Program 

Our teacher training course is certified by the Indian association of yoga.

It is a one full month yoga teaching  program, which will give you wide knowledge of the practise and philosophie of Yoga.

Who can attend our teacher training program?

This course is especially designed for people who want to improve their yoga knowledge for themselves or to become a yoga teacher.
You will learn to become master of yoga skills in order to improve your own practice and to competently teach and share with others.You will get full teaching on hatha yoga , but also you will receive teaching about the yoga philosophy .and sacred practise. You will live for one month the life of a yogi, and learn about his ancient wisdom .

To find ourself, to realise our true nature, and therefore to be the best yoga teacher ever, we need to activate our Shakti Power. This training course will focus to activate your inner shakti, wich is the source of life.


Teacher Training Program – Training

Program of our yoga teacher training course

  • More than 80 asanas
  • Pranayama – technical breathing
  • Meditation, mantras and rituals
  • Yogi cleaning therapies
  • Proper diet (yogi and sadhu diet).
  • Basics of Ayurveda, the sacred philosophy of life – diet, lifestyle, practice according to your unique constitution or body type.

By the end  of our one month training, you will master the skills to teach others yoga.   You will have the knowledge to practice yoga for yourself in your day to day life. You will know how to choose the proper food for you throughout the changing seasons and life cycles.

Schedule of yoga Course

  • 6.30 am Wake up with herbal tea
  • 7-8 Pranayama and meditation
  • 8-10 Hatha yoga class
  • 10-11 Breakfast
  • 11-13 Lecture – yoga philosophy. Ayurveda, yoga anatomy
  • 13 -16 Lunch and resting time
  • 16 -18 Yoga practice, pose corrections, adjustments, alignements
  • 18-19 Silence meditation
  • 19-20 Dinner
  • 20-21 Group discussion and chanting mantra


1500€  for the full month, including teaching, food and accommodation.

Date of next courses

First Batch – 15 Oct to 14 Nov. 2018 (Seat Available – 9 )
Second Batch – 20 Nov. to 19 Dec. 2018 (Seat Available – 12 )
Third Batch – 5 Jan. to 4 Feb. 2019 (Seat Available – 12 )
Fourth Batch – 10 Feb. to 9 March 2019 (Seat Available – 12 )

For more information please contact us via our mail box


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